Powder Bins/Liquid Flow Bins


For chemical and petrochemical companies, proper storage and handling of hazardous materials is crucial. Kaymac offers a wide range of Group 2-approved bulk containers ideal for safely managing corrosive or flammable liquids, powders, and other chemicals. These rotationally molded tanks are available in capacities up to 25,000L and can be customized with fittings like discharge valves, level indicators, and forklift pockets.

Kaymac also provides powder bins and liquid flow bins in sizes from 500L to 1600L for intermediate bulk chemical storage and transfer. These sturdy, leak-proof bins safely contain powders, granules, and liquids while allowing efficient material flow. Forklift and crane lifting points make them easy to transport and stack. See the powder bin and liquid flow bin spec sheets for complete details.

Storage and Transport Solutions for Food Manufacturers

Maintaining food quality and safety is a top priority for food producers. Kaymac’s range of plastic pallets, collapsible bins, and stacking/nesting boxes offer customizable and HACCP-compliant solutions for handling ingredients, prepared foods, and packaged products throughout processing, storage, and distribution.

The performa plastic pallets can hold up to 1250kg while providing a non-porous, easily sanitized surface that won’t harbor bacteria. Collapsible bins fold down for cost-efficient return transport after delivering ingredients or food items. Stacking/nesting boxes allow efficient storage and transport of canned, bottled, or packaged foods.

With innovation in rotational molding, Kaymac delivers the specialized industrial containers, handling equipment, and storage systems food manufacturers need to keep products safe and maintain the highest quality standards.

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