Performa Pallet Light


The Performa Pallet Light from Kaymac is an innovative solution for South African businesses looking to optimize their supply chain operations. This proprietary structural foam pallet weighs just 10.7kg, making it one of the lightest pallets on the market. Despite its low weight, the Performa Pallet Light delivers unmatched durability and versatility.

With its two-piece modular design, this pallet can adapt to a wide range of logistics needs. Use it as a one-way export pallet to avoid wood and fumigation issues when shipping overseas. Or transform it into a closed-loop rackable pallet by adding runners – ideal for HACCP compliant facilities with lighter pallet loads under 800kg.

The Performa Pallet Light carries on the Kaymac legacy of quality and reliability. Like all Kaymac pallets, it comes with a 3-year warranty under normal use conditions. It is also fully FDA compliant, giving you complete confidence in this pallet’s safety and sanitation.

Whether you need an affordable one-way pallet or a reusable racking pallet, the Performa Pallet Light is the smart solution. Its innovative design maximizes efficiency and sustainability for supply chains of all types.

Trust Kaymac decades of experience to deliver the ideal pallet for your business. The Performa Pallet Light – the lightweight pallet with heavyweight performance.

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