Custom Moulded – Mobile Toilets

When nature calls, Kaymac answers with our custom mobile toilet solutions. As a leading manufacturer in South Africa, we mold comfort and convenience to fit your needs.

Our Custom Moulding Advantage:

With decades of experience across industries, Kaymac goes beyond the standard port-a-potty. Our design team works closely with you to create a customized sanitation solution for your unique requirements. We handle every aspect from concept to finished product, ensuring your vision comes to life.

Our custom moulding process allows us to:

  • Craft unique dimensions, shapes, and features
  • Select durable, easy-to-clean materials
  • Add special finishes like company branding
  • Engineer for accessibility and capacity
  • Optimize for transportation and mobility

Achieve Outstanding Sanitation Results

Kaymac’s custom mobile toilets provide sustainable sanitation wherever you need it. Events, construction sites, farms—we can design the perfect portable toilet for your situation. Our personalized approach delivers:

  • Reliable, hygienic restroom solutions
  • Efficient waste management
  • Enhanced comfort, privacy, and dignity
  • Flexible, cost-effective rental options
  • Simple delivery, setup, and maintenance

Let Kaymac help answer the call of nature with a custom mobile toilet designed just for you. Contact us today to get started on an innovative sanitation solution.

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