Collapsible Bin


At Kaymac, we believe that business success and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. As a leading supplier of returnable and reusable packaging in South Africa, we enable companies to adopt sustainable practices while reducing costs.

Our collapsible bins offer the perfect solution for businesses looking to minimize their environmental impact. Made from durable yet lightweight proprietary structural foam, these bins can be collapsed when empty for easy, low-cost return shipping. Their stackable design also saves warehouse space in between uses. For convenient access, add-on drop doors allow you to reach bins at the bottom of a stack.

Beyond the bins themselves, our service model is designed for sustainability. We maintain ownership of the bins and handle all logistics, maximizing reuse cycles and eliminating waste. This closed-loop system reduces your company’s carbon footprint across the entire supply chain. No more one-way packaging headed straight to landfills.

As concern grows over excessive waste and resource depletion, disposable packaging simply won’t cut it anymore. Stay ahead of changing expectations and regulations by partnering with us. We’ll help you implement reusable packaging that benefits both your bottom line and the environment.

Let’s work together for a greener future. Contact Kaymac today to learn more about our collapsible bin solutions.

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