Kaymac provides innovative solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, and food industries in South Africa. Their focus is on creating high-quality storage, transportation, racking, and protection products to meet the unique needs of these sectors.

One of Kaymac’s signature offerings is their line of CHEMTAINERS – bulk containers optimized for handling hazardous chemicals safely and efficiently. These rotationally molded CHEMTAINERS come in a range of sizes from 20L up to 25,000L. They are manufactured from chemical-resistant polyethylene and engineered with sturdy construction and secure lids and valves. This makes them ideal for containing corrosive or volatile substances without leakage or corrosion.

The 300L CHEMTAINER is one of Kayroto’s most popular models for chemical transport and storage. It provides ample volume while still being movable with a pallet jack or forklift. The 300L CHEMTAINER features a wide opening for easy filling and emptying. It also has integrated fork pockets and a sturdy steel cage for extra protection and stability when stacked. These secure and reliable CHEMTAINERS enable chemical companies to safely store and transport substances in bulk.

Beyond CHEMTAINERS, Kaymac also produces a wide array of other products for the chemical and food sectors. Their plastic pallets, collapsible bins, and nesting boxes are designed to optimize storage and transport efficiency. And their racking solutions allow customers to effectively organize drums and containers within their facilities. No matter what the need, Kaymac can provide an innovative solution.

With decades of experience serving the chemical and food industries, Kaymac has a proven track record of helping companies improve logistics, comply with regulations, and enhance safety. Their focus on tailored solutions and durable products makes them a trusted partner for companies handling hazardous or sensitive materials.

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