Bulk Bin


Our key focus area in the industrial market is in two sectors:

  1. Chemical & Petrochemical manufacturers and
  2. The Food Industry.

Our system-solutions approach offers these manufacturers a unique advantage in our ability to design, manufacture and supply all product solutions geared towards storage, transportation, racking and protection.

We are a leading South African supplier of Group 2 hazardous chemical bulk containers as well as powder bins, liquid flow bins and stacking in nesting boxes. Our plastic pallets and collapsible bins are also geared towards these industries and able to provide returnable/reusable packaging or rackable solutions. These products are well sought after in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Our performa pallets are fully FDA approved and rack up to 1250 kilograms. Together with our collapsible bins, they have proven ideal for transporting and storing food products in areas where manufacturers are obligated to be HACCAP compliant.

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