PALLETS & COLLAPSIBLE BINS – sustainable resources

KSF specialises in returnable/reusable pallets and collapsible bins and is the leading packaging supplier to its focus markets. As this is a sustainable resource, KSF is committed to ensuring OEM, first-tier and other component manufacturers are aware of the benefits of using returnable packaging over single-trip packaging.

Just as the use of raw wood packaging without the correct certification has been outlawed in many countries, so disposable or non-returnable packaging is likely to be rejected as it exhausts natural resources and its disposal is often harmful to the environment. This is one reason why “returnable packaging” has become the key emphasis in many industries, including the automotive sector and its supplier base.


This is a light-weight, two-piece pallet with a total mass of 10,7 kg that can be used either as a distribution pallet or as a racking pallet. It possesses all the characteristics and delivers all the benefits that have made the Performa Pallet a market leader, including Kaymac’s three-year warranty under normal use and full FDA compliance.

The Performa Lite Pallet has two major applications; it is the ideal solution for:

  • customers requiring a non-returnable pallet as a distribution pallet for export where wood or the fumigation of loads is a major concern;
  • customers needing a plastic pallet in a closed loop distribution system. With the runners clipped on, it is ideal for use as a rackable pallet by customers who have pallet packs of 800 kg and less to rack, and/or where HACCP compliance is required in the virgin model.


Collapsible bins allow for the re-use of packaging, thereby saving costs and raw materials, making for a sustainable resource. These units are fully collapsible, permitting easy and economical return trips, and stackable, saving on warehouse space. Adding a drop door enables access to bottom bins when bins are stacked high. (See spec sheet under Downloads for more details).