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As Africa’s leading supplier of both ROTATIONAL and INJECTION moulded plastic products KAYMAC STRUCTURAL FOAM Incorporating Kaymac Rotomoulders (KSF) can mould just about anything you dream up!

With 47 years in the industry we are pioneers and innovators in the design and manufacture of moulded plastics. Offering state-of-the-art facilities, highly-skilled engineers and cost-effective results, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions for the benefit of all.



KSF is unique in housing two different manufacturing processes side by side that provide a choice of customised plastic solutions for your specific needs by helping improve your efficiencies, thereby saving you time and saving you money.


Low Pressure Injection Moulding (Structural Foam)

The advantage of a structural foam plastic product is attributed to its structure, which has pockets of plastic sandwiched between two closed walls. While the plastic product is malleable it is also capable of withstanding repeated shock and is still able to maintain its strength.
This process is different from conventional high pressure injection moulding as the molten polymer is injected into the cavity of the mould through multiple injection points, therefore reducing the pressure in the mould by as much as 20 times. This technology allows large plastic parts to be moulded on a relatively compact machine and ensures uniform material characteristics throughout the product.
Low pressure injection moulding ideally supports high-volume manufacturing.



Rotational Moulding (Rotomoulding)

This process is one of the most cost-efficient systems of moulding, applicable to a diverse range of plastic products, and is unsurpassed for its technical characteristics.
Rotomoulding allows the designer to stretch the imagination in creating products that are extremely complex while remaining affordable in comparison to other technologies.
The one-piece, seamless construction of the product eliminates built-in stress, which is ideally suited for critical applications such as large chemical tanks and many other industrial applications. Rotomoulding is used by some of the world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturers for interior trim parts.
With short lead time requirements and relatively low-cost moulds and tooling, this environmentally-friendly process produces superior plastic products and has become first choice for many new plastic product designs.
It is ideally suited for low to medium volume production, however this changes with multiple moulds to rapidly increased production output.



At KSF we are continually exploring new ways to satisfy our customers. By upscaling our machinery, our skills and our industry knowledge we find solutions to every challenge that is presented to us and then go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Traditionally we supplied bare fuel tanks. These then became complete modules assembled with: fuel hoses, fuel pumps, fuel sender units, roll over valves, fuel filler hoses, heat shields, steel support cradles and the wiring harness. The completed assembly was delivered to the various vehicle manufacturing plants on a just-in-time basis; as the vehicle descended the production assembly line the fuel tank was fitted onto the chassis. Kaymac was responsible for the integrity of the fuel tank throughout the useful lifespan of the vehicle.

We manufacture a wide range of twin-walled, polyurethane, insulated cooler-boxes for the vending market. KSF’s assembly facility is fully equipped to attach the various graphics, customised latches, hinged bottle openers and then fit onto trolleys for portability. The assembled unit is ready to use at events for the sale of cool drinks, cigarettes, cell phone cards and many other applications.

Our collapsible bins can be fitted with various forms of dunnage designed specifically for our customers’ exact requirements. Kaymac’s design approach to the economical use of the “perfect cube” in returnable packaging rewards the customer with a 10 to 20 percent increase in the amount of parts packed per bin.

KSF has established international partnerships with leading companies for the transfer and use of cutting edge technologies to ensure that we are always moving ahead to support innovation.

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